Steampunk Clothing at Clockwork Couture

 Steampunk Clothing at Clockwork Couture

Clockwork Couture inadvertently became the go-to rescue center amongst Main Street locals. First we gave a large cat a home, and now, we are constantly fostering in the shoppe. Feel free to call or ask about who we have in. There are plenty of animals needing good homes.

Kitten Cam!

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Current Fosters for adoption:




Since we constantly visit Gus Gus The Wonderhorse, two animals were dumped off at the Equestrian Center by ingorant people who thought that domesticated animals could live with the horses and wild animals that roam Griffith Park. Luckily we got both of them before the coyotes did. The rabbit is just about the sweetest, most affectionate bun we've ever laid eyes on. He really loves dandelions, carrot tops, mesclun, and alfalfa. Meet Hazel:

Hazel the Rabbit

Hazel is a male rabbit approximately 1 1/2 years old. He has been neutered, uses a litterbox, and is very curious. He loves head rubs. He would do fine in a home with cats and children.




Success stories!
And Lucky:

Lucky was rehomed in December 2010 to a lovely family.


We found out about this slaughter-bound horse who had been sold to be dog food for being a "bad horse" after he developed a bad attitude from his abusive owner. We realized that since the shoppe is a mere 1/4 mile away from the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, there was no reason we shouldn't step in and help out. We have been his caretakers since late October 2010 and he has blossomed into an affectionate and patient horse who even children ride and give treats to. On the books, he's a "photo prop" but don't let the official term fool you. We love Gus Gus the Wonder Horse. Gus Gus is a Paso Fino/ Quarter Horse mix. He stands at a statuesque 15.2 hands tall, is 18 years old, and very rideable for those under 140 lbs.

Update: Gus Gus the Wonderhorse has an amazing new life with his trainer, Davee.

Zsa Zsa and Eva were left behind in an apartment when their owners moved out. The beautiful Siamese was born partially blind and needs a special home with a family who understands her need for slow adaptation.

Zsa Zsa and Eva

Update: Eva was adopted!
Zsa Zsa was adopted with Chloe!!


Pal (left) and Tigger (right) were beloved companions living the good life indoors until their owner had a stroke. They were then forced to live outside and for the last 8 months, cannot figure out what they did wrong to be thrown out where strangers and cars drive by. A neighbor alerted us to the situation and we are hoping to find homes for them. They are really sweet brothers who have obviously seen alot of love. They both love to rub your legs for attention and Tigger gives headbutts. Both cats purr so loudly you would think they were passing cars. Though they don't have to remain together, anyone wanting to bring a couple of kitties in their home can be assured that these two already get along great. The bond between them is nice and even when they had nothing, they've always had each other.

Update: Both boys are happily homed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Hemmingway was found just feet away from a busy street. At only 4 weeks old, she's without her mother and littermates and they were not to be found. Though we fear the worst, we are dedicated to getting this little lady in a great home with someone who will appreciate her extra toes and even more super sized personality. We will try to get the kittencam working soon, but her extra toes give her extra traction and it's hard to keep her in one spot so it may be a mute point. We will try though!

Update: Victoria is now named "Puma" and has a wonderful home with a personal friend of the Clockshoppe. We visit her every so often.

This tiny trio was dumped at a local preschool. Knowing what lovers we are of all things furry, scaly or feathered, they asked if we'd help. They were too young to be without their mother but she couldn't be found so we bottle fed them until loving homes were found.


Nico's family grew tired of him. At just 3 years old, we just wants to PLAY! We got him neutered, his shots up to date and a good haircut. Now he's a springy Yorkie looking for a fun family. He does well with other dogs, will make sure your cats don't get too lazy, and LOVES kids. Feel free to check out his bio on Pet Finder.

Update: On 4/23/2011 Tazzy Animal Fund and Bichons and Buddies took Nico to an adoption event where he found a wonderful forever home with a family who will love and play with him.


In loving memory:

We are sad to report that on March 22nd, 2011, Customer Service superstar Deirdre had to say goodbye to Maggie, whom many a customer came to know and love, and the mailman never feared. May there be a toenail clipper waiting to be meet a merciless death on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Clockwork Couture will be planting wildflowers and lettuce seeds in our garden in her honor.


Please never be afraid of standing out by speaking up for those who can't. Call the local animal shelter if you see a dog in a hot car, never turn your back on a animal who is roaming free or injured and please, please, spay and neuter. Do not buy animals from breeders or pet stores while millions die yearly in animal shelters because of lack of good homes.